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Press Release


LUKOIL has successfully completed a 3D seismic survey at Mishvan area in the Nenets Autonomous District. The company used a survey procedure which had never been used in Timan-Pechora Oil and Gas Province before.


The technology combines several methods for surveying upper sections of the field structure: electric prospecting, up-hole shooting, electric logging and field core description. The relevance of the new technique was preconditioned by the challenging seismic environment of the field, distinct in insular permafrost, which hinders the accuracy of the field shooting.


The new technology makes it possible to build a seismic model of the upper structure for the whole of the exploration area immediately during seismic prospecting and to make recommendations relating to the best charge depth.


The new technology can be adapted to the company’s other assets in future to ensure better quality of field seismic data and higher efficiency of geological exploration.

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