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Share Capital

Upon cancellation of shares acquired by PJSC "LUKOIL" (hereinafter also the Company) in the amount of 100,563,255 shares the Charter Capital of PJSC "LUKOIL" shall  be reduced by the par value of cancelled shares in the amount of 2,514,081 roubles and 37.5 kopecks (two million five hundred fourteen thousand eighty-one roubles thirty-seven and one-half kopecks) and shall be 18,750,000 roubles 00 kopecks (eighteen million seven hundred and fifty thousand roubles).

After cancellation of PJSC "LUKOIL" shares acquired by the Company the Charter Capital is divided into 750,000,000 registered ordinary shares with a par value of 2.5 kopecks per share, representing in aggregate 100 percent of the Charter Capital.

The respective changes to the Charter of PJSC "LUKOIL" will be published on the Company's official website after state registration of such changes.

The common shares are listed on the Moscow Exchange, are on the first level quotation list and are among the most liquid financial instruments in the Russian stock market.

The Company shares are also traded as depositary receipts on the London stock exchange, US OTC market, Frankfurt, Munich, and Stuttgart stock exchanges.  Depositary receipts represent about 35% of the Company ordinary shares.

By the end of the first six months of 2017 the Company`s free-float was 50%.

Indices which include the stock of PJSC "LUKOIL" are MSCI Emerging Markets EMEA, MSCI Emerging Markets Eastern Europe, FTSE Russia IOB, Bloomberg World Oil & Gas etc.

LKOHMoscow ExchangeOrdinary shares1st level
The ordinary shares are admitted to the Moscow Exchange, included in the A1 quotation list, and are one of the most liquid instruments in the Russian equity market.
LKODLondon Stock ExchangeDepositary receiptsStandard
The depositary receipts (DRs) of PJSC LUKOIL are listed on the London Stock Exchange where the largest part of the Company's securities is traded. One DR issued by PJSC LUKOIL equals one ordinary share issued by PJSC LUKOIL.

The Company's depositary receipts are one of the most liquid Eastern European stocks.

LUKFrankfurt Stock Exchange


Depositary receipts