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LUKOIL in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is one of the core regions of LUKOIL’s operations. For years the Company has been consistently expanding its presence in the region, and is currently one of the largest investors in Uzbekistan.

LUKOIL has conducted business in the Republic of Uzbekistan under production sharing agreements (PSA) made with regard to the projects of Kandym-Khauzak-Shady-Kungrad, South-Western Gissar, and Aral. The Company’s strategic partner in these projects is the National Holding Company (NHC) Uzbekneftegaz.

Company Presence

LLC LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company    Geological exploration, gas and condensate 


The contract, signed in 2004, provides for the development of the Khauzak and Shady blocks of the Dengizkul and Kandym group fields (Kandym, Kuvachi-Alat, Akkum, Parsankul, Khoji, Western Khoji). The contract area of Khauzak, Shady and Kandym Group of fields is 431 sq. km.

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  • South-Western Gissar

    LUKOIL joined the South-West Gissar project in March of 2008. The contract area in the Kashkadarya Region in Uzbekistan covers seven fields. The project PSA for a period of 36 years took effect in April 2007.
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LUKOIL has been active in pursuing a wide range of social policies in Uzbekistan, conducting sponsorship and charity activities, promoting education, culture, sports, healthcare and other spheres of social life, primarily in the regions of its operations, i.e. in the Kashkadaraya and Bukhara Regions.

The Company provides support to disabled individuals, supplies water to villages and remote locations, delivers encapsulated drinking water to boarding schools and assists in improving the sanitary conditions in educational institutions. It also organizes celebratory events attended by the students of rural schools and specialized boarding schools, etc.

LUKOIL is an active partner of the Tashkent branch of the I.M. Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (GRSUOG), set up in 2007 to train qualified professionals for the Uzbek oil-and-gas industry in accordance with the applicable international standards. Since 2008, LUKOIL has been providing support to the Tashkent Branch of GRSUOG by making contributions to its trustee fund, supplying furniture, training simulators and laboratory equipment.

The Company is greatly concerned about the environmental safety of its production facilities.

In addition to observing the Uzbek national environmental laws, the Company operates in full compliance with the international environmental and social sustainability standards. As required by the IFC operating standard No.6, the Company developed and successfully implemented its action plan to preserve the biodiversity of Dengikul, a lake protected by the Ramsar Convention. The plan provides both for a range of measures and dedicated ornithological monitoring of the entire lake area and accompanying awareness raising campaigns among the Company's personnel and local residents, highlighting the importance of biodiversity preservation in specially protected natural territories.

With facilities on desert terrains, the focus is on the biological reclamation, i.e. planting of drought-enduring and sand-reinforcing saxauls, development of comprehensive technological solutions in efficient water management, as well as environmentally safe and efficient disposal of waste water and solid waste.

In a similar vein, The Company has been pursuing a corporate citizenship program that includes landscaping and air improvement projects. In 2016, the Company volunteers taking part in the national charitable khashar (a Community Cleanup Day) planted an alley of 250 ornamental trees such as ash, maple, and chestnut, katsura and pagoda trees.

LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company LLC​

Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Olmazor Str. 1A.


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