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Social Activities

The company’s social policies are based on long-term social activities that are the most beneficial to its employees and are designed to attract and retain well qualified personnel in the Company.

The Company is committed to solving its top-priority social issues and will continue to place emphasis on the social aspects that are inherent to its sustainable development philosophy.


The health care system of the LUKOIL Group Organizations incorporates a total of economic, social, medical, and sanitary measures designed to boost performance of the personnel by promoting physical and mental health of the LUKOIL employees and retirees. It specifically covers the following lines of activities:

  • voluntary health insurance plans for employees;

  • payments of temporary disability and maternity allowances;

  • health improvement and recreation of employees;

  • first medical and sanitary aid provided at the health posts of organizations;

  • preventive measures.

The backbone of the healthcare system is the Voluntary Medical Insurance (VMI) plan, offering additional services to employees vs. compulsory health insurance plans, which include high-tech solutions and better quality medical aid.

To make the insurance coverage more flexible, employees may at their own cost expand the existing VMI plan, thus making sure that their personal needs are satisfied.

Commitment to a healthy lifestyle is a corporate value. Promotion of the value of one’s own health and personal responsibility for it lays the foundation for corporate and sports activities and events, which have already become traditional for the Company, including spartakiades, regional or Oblast-level competitions and tournaments, tourist rallies and guided tours for the employees, their families and veterans. The Company has been rendering first medical assistance at over 100 first-aid rooms, pre-trip medical check-up offices, paramedic and medical aid posts. New aid posts have been opened in OOO LUKOIL-Rostovenergo and AO RITEK. In remote locations targeted medical checkups are conducted by mobile medical crews. Personnel additionally attend lectures on the prevention of the most widespread deceases. Every year employees are vaccinated against flue, tick-borne encephalitis and other dangerous diseases.