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Handicrafts Revival Program

The LUKOIL Group Organizations have been supportive of the effort to preserve and promote handicrafts in the Russian regions.

Today Perm Krai is one of Russia’s few regions that features a plethora of folk crafts, most of which date back to the days of yore. For several years LUKOIL-Perm has sought to preserve handicrafts in the Kama Region. Each year, the best specimens are exhibited at an interregional fair, of which OOO LUKOIL-PERM is a title partner. With OOO LUKOIL-Perm’s direct involvement, the following festivals were started: “Savior of the Honey Feast Day”, “Elovo fish”, “Savior of the Bread Feast Day”, “Barda-Zien”, “  Sabantuy”, and the open children’s festival of folk crafts entitled “Selenite Box”.

A third of all handicrafts in Russia concentrate around Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. ООО LUKOIL-Volganefteprodukt has been quite active in supporting the development of folk crafts. Every year the company assists in holding a handicraft exhibition entitled “Nizhny Novgorod Wizards”. This event provides the craftsmen with an opportunity to present their talents to a wide community of Nizhny Novgorod residents, city visitors and potential investors.

Besides, LUKOIL-Volganefteprodukt has been providing backing to the guilds that preserve centuries-old folk craft traditions. For instance, in 2014 it provided financial assistance to the renowned golden embroidery factory in Gorodets. The company has been regularly placing orders for souvenir products made by handicraft guilds.

The grants awarded as part of the 2013—2014 Social and Cultural Projects Competition were used to hold numerous cultural events promoting handicrafts.