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LUKOIL Charity Fund

The LUKOIL Charity Fund  is one of the first corporate funds set up in contemporary Russia in 1993 at the instigation of the LUKOIL management as a key tool in implementing social and charity programs of the Company in the regions of its presence.

While founding the Charity Fund, the LUKOIL management was perfectly aware that charity is an integral element of an entire range of qualities inherent in the present day business community and its culture. It is in the first place about fulfillment of the moral obligation toward the previous generations who have lest us a priceless cultural heritage, as well as toward the generations to come.

The LUKOIL Charity Fund was founded in 1993. It was one of the first corporate charity funds in contemporary Russia.

Over these years the Fund has gone a long way. Its numerous social and charitable projects have targeted education, medical and religious institutions, museums, theaters, creative and sports teams, orphanages, war and labor veterans.

In our work we seek to follow the remarkable traditions of the Russian patronage of arts, employ new forms of charity, including bidding procedures, and actively deal with non-profit and governmental organizations and agencies.

I am hopeful that over the two decades of its activities, the Fund made it possible for the ideas of charity and patronage to permeate our society by enhancing social stability in the regions of LUKOIL’s presence.

N.Yu. Alekperova, President of the Fund

101000, Moscow, Sretensky boulevard 11


Nelly Yusufovna Alekperova, President of the Fund​

Igor Beketov, Fund’s CEO​