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Education Programs

LUKOIL’s partnership with educational establishments is comprehensive, for not only does the Company seek to employ qualified personnel at its enterprises, but also aspires to maintain a high intellectual potential in the production areas that call for state  — of — the — art and innovative solutions.

The Company has ongoing partnership programs with 14 higher educational institutions in various parts of Russia.

The strategic approaches employed by the Company are best exemplified by its project that is the one and only in Russia. In 2011 LUKOIL spun off its design departments alongside with their personnel, equipment and software to become part of three higher educational institutions (Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University and Ukhta State Technical University). They have now evolved into genuine research and design departments. Students, graduate students, post-graduate students and teachers are doing research. Not only do they get paid for what they do, but they also improve their skills. This is the way to translate ideas that specialists come up with while teaching into actual projects and phase them in.

The Company’s education programs are also designed to develop the materials and assets of the higher educational institutions, develop the education process, retain teaching personnel and provide support to the gifted students.

Starting in 2000, the Company established personal scholarships for the most gifted university students of oil and gas universities and institutes. In 2013 about 200, and in 2014 155 students from different cities nationwide received LUKOIL’s corporate monthly scholarships of 2,500 or 3,000 rubles each. Over the period from 2013 to 2014 the total amount of scholarships reached 9.4 mln RUB.

Over 60 gifted young teachers from the country’s leading oil and other universities and institutes receive personal grants as part of the grant program intended to support young teachers. RUR 15.5 million worth of grants was paid out between 2013 and 2014.

Every year the Company provides support to develop the higher education institutions’ material resources and training facilities, whereas LUKOIL’s representatives are directly involved in the management process. For instance, PJSC LUKOIL representatives are on the Board of Trustees of the Northern (Arctic) Lomonosov Federal University (Arkhangelsk). Between 2013 and 2014 the Company allocated 90 mln. RUB for the university’s new research library project. The new library comprises 279 rooms with a total space of 16 ths. sq.m  located on seven floors. The book depositories are capable of accommodating up to 2.5 mln. of depository units. The library building features not only conventional or multimedia reading halls, but also a large event hall with simultaneous interpretation equipment, classrooms, Arctic Fund information center that combines resources dedicated to the research of northern territories, a theater stage, a music hall, a bibliocafe, a children’s room and much more.