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Corporate Volunteering

Volunteering is an innovative practice of corporate citizenship in Russia. By engaging in it not only does the Company improve its CSR strategy, but also adds to the appeal, diversity and demand for its HR development programs. In addition to that, it improves the quality of life of its employees and their families.

The Company’s employees volunteer to address social justice issues and broaden the scope of activities that the elderly and the disabled may engage in. They assist children, the youth and adults in getting new expertise and mastering new skills. They plant trees, clear coastlines, clean up parks and public gardens, and restore historic buildings.

Corporate volunteers rely on their professional skills and personal qualities as well as their capabilities in project organization and management, their understanding and target setting skills, enthusiasm and commitment.

In furtherance of its corporate volunteering efforts, starting in 2010 LUKOIL has been holding annual Blood Drives. Over the 6 years of blood drives LUKOIL’s Central Office alone had about 2 thousand employees who donated their blood. Between 2013 and 2014 605 employees of the Central Office and numerous subsidiaries became donors. Over 250 liters of blood were handed over to medical institutions. In 2015 over 200 employees of the Company’s Headquarters and multiple Moscow Region based subsidiaries took part in the event.

Not only do blood donations help address a pressing social issue, but also help reinforce the corporate culture, team spirit, and promote togetherness on the team. This is an integral part of the corporate responsibility of the Company toward the society. The donor movement has also been getting active support in the regions of the Company’s presence. Some participants to the blood donation events are honored donors of Moscow or Russia.

In 2013 the Coordination Center for Organization, Development and Promotion of Voluntary Blood Donations under the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation extended gratitude to the LUKOIL Oil Company and its personnel taking part in the blood donor movement.

The Company's personnel have not been standing idly by the issues faced by their native regions. For instance, in Kaliningrad Oblast, LUKOIL-Kaliningradmorneft employees support Nadezhda orphanage and a Disability Rehabilitation Center in Olekhovo settlement. These institutions receive books, toys and other necessities.

Volunteers are actively engaged in the project aimed at the restoration and preservation of the Curonian Spit National Park and the historic Borhersdorf church building (Zelenopolye settlement, Kaliningrad Oblast), which is under jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church.