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Social Initiatives


Social and charity programs are inherent in the Company’s corporate strategy and help promote effective cooperation with the governmental authorities, business community and the public. Corporate programs are target-oriented and rely on the professional experience and human potential of the regions. LUKOIL has provided support to a lot of social projects by rendering assistance in the resolution of many economic problems faced by the local communities and promoting the development of culture, sports, research, education, environment and healthy lifestyles in the regions.

“Doing good things and changing the world for the better is an integral part of our lives. We pride ourselves on bonding over very important ideas or events. We are confident that the “give-back” from the good things we do is way bigger than the effort we’ve invested into them. 

The Company has a clear understanding that charity should not become fertile ground for social parasitism. Therefore, alongside with the conventional forms of charity, LUKOIL implements its strategic charity and social investment programs.

Being aware of the fundamental role that the patronage of arts and sponsorship play in the development of culture and sports in a market environment the Company finds opportunities to provide financial support to:

  • creative minds or teams, theaters and museums;

  • various level sports teams: from neighborhood sports to national teams;

  • NGOs supporting children’s sports.

LUKOIL is a member of the Russian UN Global Compact network, being the largest international initiative that enables the companies to make sure that their operations and strategies are in line with the ten common principles governing the human rights, labor relations, environmental protection, and corruption control. LUKOIL joined the Social Charter of Russian Business that outlines the principles of responsible business practices developed by the business community. Besides, the Company is implementing a whole array of environmental initiatives.

Not only is corporate volunteering a tangible contribution to the resolution of pressing social issues, but it also serves to reinforce the corporate culture, team spirit, and promote togetherness of the team. In furtherance of one of its corporate volunteering forms, LUKOIL has been organizing regular blood donations among the Company’s central office personnel.

The goal of our blood donations is to address the current social issue of the donated blood shortage and join forces with the volunteers willing to donate their blood for free.


Charity and sponsorship spending by the LUKOIL Group in Russia (mln. RUB)

support for orphanages and children’s educational institutions45,541,485,263,032,0
education programs130,0167,0143,6148170,5
support of healthcare institutions59,8153,021,960,079,0
social and cultural projects competition59,774,586,387,787,7
support for the High North peoples146,5147,0155,0175,0217,0
preservation of cultural and historical heritage90,7215,6199,0139,0281,2
non-governmental foundations and organizations186,0289,9376,3258,6519,8
targeted assistance143,2104,279,491,093,0