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Services for Motorists

LUKOIL is doing its best to expand the scope of services offered to motorists and continuously improves their quality.

The current trend in gas station management by the oil companies is to switch to fully automated operation (without personnel). Self-service gas stations (SGS) are designed to make it possible for the driver to fill his/her motor vehicle tank by him/herself (without any permanent service personnel). The station’s whole system is automated. SGS operations are controlled remotely through a dispatcher. 

SGSs are not only practicable for the Company (they help cut costs and improve performance of the sales units), but also for the cities and motorists. UGS’s are convenient for the consumers because they help reduce the filling time, make it possible to fully control the filling process, and are open 24/7. No less important is the reduced fuel cost (due to the absence of the operating component and personnel costs).