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Environmental Monitoring

Our aim is to make in-process control more efficient by relying on engineering diagnostics and remote monitoring.

To this end, our in-process environmental monitoring system is being upgraded on an ongoing basis. Over the past years, we have added geodynamic and satellite monitoring as its new components.

For environmental monitoring purposes, we engage specially equipped vessels of dedicated contractors. In the Baltic Sea, information about the environment is also collected by two bottom observatories, a hydrophysical station, two hydrometeorological stations, and three meteorological stations installed directly on the ice-resistant stationary sea platform, Curonian Spit, Klaipeda, Baltiysk and Pionersky. The region's first subsea autonomous seismic station was installed.

Comprehensive environmental research in regions of operations and prospective operations in the Caspian Sea were put in place in 1997, and since 2001, it has been compliant with the LUKOIL Program for In-Process Environmental Monitoring in the Northern Part of the Caspian Sea.

A special focus is on the Arctic zone. Since 2008, the Varandey Terminal, an offloading facility in the Barents Sea, engages in on-going monitoring of natural environment components in areas that can potentially be affected by the onshore tank battery and offloading terminal, including:

  • monitoring of offshore components;

  • monitoring of onshore components;

  • monitoring of mammals and birds in the vicinity of the terminal.

This is a regular process that covers a wide range of environmental metrics.