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Renewable energy

Utilization of renewable energy sources is one of the key mechanisms to ensure environmental safety, to reduce environmental impact and make efficient use of resources.

We believe that the development of the renewable energy sector is a long-term trend and that over time it could change significantly the face of the energy sector.

The main output is generated by hydroelectric power plants (HPP) in Russia, in addition to that, solar and wind generation is being developed. LUKOIL is using favorable conditions in the countries where the government provides support in this area, and implementing large-scale projects for the construction and operation of power plants generating electric power from renewable energy sources (Bulgaria and Romania).

The main goals of LUKOIL Group in the sphere of renewable energy are:

  • Implementing effective projects as part of the state system for developing the renewable energy sector (an agreement to provide capacities by qualifying generating objects that operate using renewable energy sources).;

  • Utilizing resources and competencies obtained in the course of fulfilling capacity-supply agreements in Russia and renewable-energy projects in Romania and Bulgaria.

  • The efficient utilization of free land plots belonging to LUKOIL Group entities.

The implementation of projects based on renewable energy sources is performed in two areas:

  • Satisfying the in-house needs ofLUKOIL Group entities; 
  • The generation and supply of electrical energy to the grid. 

The Industrial Development Program for the "Electrical Energy" business sector includes proposals to build new solar power plants (SPPs) at unused sites at refineries in Saratov and Volgograd. Projects to build wind power plants can potentially be considered. The emergence of localized facilities to produce major power equipment in Russia would allow the Company to play a more active role in implementing renewable energy projects.

Total commercial electric power generation from renewable sources, million kWh2019
Wind power218
Solar power14