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Antitrust Policy

Aware of how relevant it is to ensure free and fair competition, PJSC LUKOIL is wedded to the idea that antitrust violations in its operations are inadmissible.

The company makes a pointed and consistent effort to ensure that antitrust legislation is adhered to in all business segments in order to form a healthy competitive environment at the markets where it operates.

In 2016, the LUKOIL Management approved LUKOIL Group's Antitrust Policy (hereinafter Antitrust Policy) formulated in accordance with recommendations of the Federal Antitrust Service and the world's best practices. Rules of behavior aimed at avoidance and prevention of antitrust infringement are also contained in the LUKOIL Code of Business Conduct, LUKOIL Group's Trade Policies in the area of wholesale trade of automobile gasoline and diesel fuel in the Russian Federation, and also in LUKOIL's other regulations.  

The Antitrust Policy is a system of in-house measures aimed to timely identify and prevent regulatory risks, to ensure compliance with the current antitrust legislation, to establish high corporate standards and to develop the antitrust compliance culture.

The Antitrust Policy is based upon the rule of law, on fair competition (support and promotion of free and fair competition), on the personnel's awareness of the requirements of the current antitrust legislation and on their personal responsibility for infringement of those requirements.

The Antitrust Policy, which establishes a legal foundation for the activities of LUKOIL Group and its employees, aims to rule out any actions (or lack of action) which may cause infringement of the antitrust legislation. The document regulates the rules of conduct of the LUKOIL Group personnel in the employment context and envisages implementation and development of measures designed to preclude such infringement, including by way of informing and educating the personnel of LUKOIL Group organizations.