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Press Release


{ 3/25/2021 12:00:00 AM }

LUKOIL presented the environmental practices it engages in when developing offshore fields at the XXI Baltic Sea Day International Forum.

The presentation touched upon the "zero discharge" technology that had first been employed by LUKOIL in the Baltic Sea. Since then, this principle has become standard for all offshore projects of LUKOIL. The company has been operating in the region since 2004, when the development of the D6 (Kravtsovskoye) and D41 fields got underway. The latter is where LUKOIL drilled nearly eight kilometres long wells, thus setting the record for the fields in the Baltic Sea. The company is also currently preparing to start development of the D33 field.

The new project is set to employ a computer-assisted control and management system for all main and auxiliary processes, as well as modern blowout prevention equipment. The development design also does not allow for offshore burning of oil-associated gas and power generation. Furthermore, the project envisages use of environmentally friendly vessels, construction machinery, and internal combustion engines, as well as fish protection systems. LUKOIL conducts constant environmental monitoring and routine oil spill response drills for the personnel.

LUKOIL strictly adheres to high environmental standards at its marine projects. The company actively develops fields in the North Caspian and engages in offshore projects abroad, namely in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Norway, and West African states.

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