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Press Release


LUKOIL came first in the costumer trust and brand awareness ratings among the largest Russian fuel suppliers. This is the fourth time that Romir research holding (an exclusive representative of Gallup International Association and GlobalNR in Russia and CIS countries) has composed such ratings.

Romir’s research has shown that LUKOIL is the most known petrol company in Russia; over 90% of those surveyed are familiar with the brand. The company also holds the highest trust index, 84 – this number represents the difference in quantity of positive and negative responses.

LUKOIL has about 2,500 petrol stations in 65 Russian regions. The company offers to its customers only Euro-5 compliant fuel. Its quality is strictly controlled at every stage of production, transportation and sales, with every shipment of petroleum products checked about ten times. Filling accuracy at the petrol pumps is monitored automatically and undergoes regular inspections, some of them at the customers’ instigations. LUKOIL is committed to the customer-centric approach: car drivers may join its Fill up with Profit loyalty program and install its mobile app LUKOIL Filling Stations, which already has over four million users.

LUKOIL actively promotes sales of the fuels with improved efficiency under the ECTO brand. LUKOIL was the first Russian company to launch production of 100-octane gasoline, which is available at LUKOIL’s filling stations under the ECTO 100 brand.

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