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Press Release


President of LUKOIL Vagit Alekperov and the Head of the Komi Republic Sergey Gaplikov signed the Agreement on Cooperation for 2019 – 2021 on the sidelines of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum today.

According to the agreement, the company will join region's most prioritized projects, some of which will be implemented as part of public – private partnerships.

The company has already provided assistance to renovate hospitals, healthcare centers, kindergartens, schools, sports facilities, community centers across the region, construct an orthodox church, an ice arena, redevelop the Molodyozhnaya street in Usinsk and the Trail of Health recreational area in the city's suburban forests. LUKOIL also supports construction of multi-purpose sports facilities in Usinsk and Yarega settlement, as well as outpatient clinics in rural areas of Usinsk district and a community center in one of the settlements of the Ust-Tsilma district. 

LUKOIL is the largest oil and gas producer in the Komi Republic. The company is successfully developing Usinskoye, Vozeyskoye, South-Lyzhskoye fields, Denisovsky license area with the promising structures of Bayandyskoye and East Lambeyshorskoye fields, as well as the unique Yaregskoye field, where highly viscous oil is produced in a mine.

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