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Press Release


Results of a self-contained motor rally across Antarctica, supported by LUKOIL, were finalized in Moscow today. More than 5,500 kilometers of off-road terrains with no access to fuel or food supplies were covered in thirty nine days, which makes the rally an unprecedented endeavor.

What helped the expedition to harness the ice extremes of the Antarctic, was the high quality of LUKOIL products, including Genesis Polartech 0W-40, Teboil Hypoid sae 75W-90 gearbox oil, LUKOIL SYNTOFLEX 2-100 grease and anti-freezing liquid. The rally required over 4.5 tons of A-K5 diesel fuel of the Arctic class designed for temperatures as low as minus 44 degrees Centigrade.

The well-found products were pumped into two Russian-built YEMELYA cross-country vehicles which covered a 5,500-kilometer trail blazed through such salient points as Russia's stations in the Antarctic, the South Pole, the Pole of Inaccessibility and the so called Pole of Cold where the Vostok Station is located.

The crew of seven, headed by Valdis Pelsh, the TV producer, author of documentaries and a well-known journalist, posted photos and journals on a daily basis. Also, three times a week, Russian television's Channel 1 and rd-studia.com demonstrated video reports. A documentary,  Antarctica. 200 Years of Discoveries, summarized the results and covered the history of reclamation of the ice continent.

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