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Social Project Contest

The Social and Cultural Projects Contest held by the LUKOIL Charity Fund and the Company's subsidiaries, grew into one of the most efficient forms of social investment. The Contest uses a project approach similar to that used in distributing grants in the research community. Such mechanics was selected to boost the business performance of entities operating in the social sector and transform them from mere recipients of funds into active participants of charity projects. The social project mechanics is buttressed by the principles of competitiveness, transparency and publicity.

The goal of the contest is to support local community projects and initiatives intended to address pressing issues of their regions, and improve charitable aid practices pursued by the Company.
The primary task of the Contest therefore is to increase the number of active individuals capable of addressing both their own problems and those of their community. That is the reason why the Company opts for grass-roots promotion of social initiatives, rather than forcing them from the top down. Any individual or public organization may submit their project to the expert team of the Social and Cultural Projects Contest, and, provided that it meets certain requirements, receive funds for its implementation. The terms and conditions of the contest stipulate that its participants submit the substantiation of their projects to a special committee and provide explanations as to how allocated funds will be disbursed, and what would be the benefits for the people living in that particular area.

The contests target audience is local communities, education and cultural institutions, non-profit organizations, public associations, and mass media in the regions of the Company's presence.

The partners are local non-profit organizations and municipal authorities

The Social and Cultural Projects Contest has been held by LUKOIL since 2002. The first contest was held in Perm Krai. Geographically the contest has expanded substantially over these past years. It currently comprises 10 subjects of the Russian Federation. Since 2004, the contest has been held in the Volgograd and Astrakhan Oblasts, since 2005 in the Komi Republic and West Siberia, since 2007 in the Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast, since 2008 in the Kaliningrad Oblast and the Republic of Kalmykia, since 2010 in Tatarstan and since 2012 in the Republics of Bashkiria and Mariy-El and also in the Vladimir and Vologda Oblasts.

The overall number of applications submitted since the contest began exceeded 9,000. More than 2,100 socially oriented projects were implemented, and the amount allocated for their implementation neared 360 million RUR.

In 2012, the contest budget came to RUR 83.7 million. In 2009, it was RUR 39.2 million, in 2010 RUR 60 million  and in 2011 RUR 74.5 million

Contest categories in all regions include the same themes: Environment, Charity, Culture and Arts, "Physical Training, Sports and Tourism and Homeland. However, there may be supplemental themes added to the categories that are inherent to the specific area or are accounted for by the social priorities of the state.  Thus, two thousand ten was the year of the 65th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, and that is why a relevant category was introduced to support projects that promote the said theme. In 2011 a number of categories were dedicated to the Companys 20th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of Russian space exploration. A special category, Historic Heritage, was introduced in 2012, the Year of Russian History.

Implementation of Contest projects in the regions of the Company's operations helps develop social infrastructure and create new jobs. For example, one project creates up to five work places. By assisting the most active representatives of the public in addressing urgent social issues related to regional development, the Company encourages individuals to act consciously, deliberately, and actively. It promotes introduction of new mechanisms into the non-profit sector that help boost the performance of non-profit organizations. One of the things to point out is that the Contest is based on a model of trilateral cooperation between the business community, government authorities and the public. The format of the Contest provides for close cooperation with officials in the subjects of the Federation and local municipal authorities, and the engagement of residents of the areas covered by it and non-profit organizations in addressing social problems.

Given the fact that one of the principles of the Contest is project co-financing, the mandatory precondition for an applicant company to obtain a grant is its own contribution of at least 30% of the amount requested.  It was calculated that each ruble invested by oilmen into social projects raises up to three rubles of additional investments.

The key goal of the best environmental projects is to provide environmental enlightenment and to create awareness of environmental issues. Thus, an environmental press center was established in the Astrakhan Oblast as part of the contest, regular exhibitions of eco training manuals are held, as well as eco festivals, and the childrens magazine Ecoloshka is published, while the Help Mother Nature project by the Zarechye Socio-Cultural Center stimulated the establishment of children's and teenagers eco teams. Rural kids, with their own hands, set sturgeon fingerlings free in the running water. In Kalmykia, environmental research expeditions and field parties are arranged to monitor the biological conditions of endangered species to be included in the Red Book of Kalmykia. In the settlement of Tazovskiy, West Siberia, environmental-ethnographic tourism is popular among adolescents. In addition to that, environmental theater was created, and the young people's environmental movement was organized. In a number of regions eco-routes were opened, and environmental youth camps were organized. For two consecutive years our grants are helping representatives of Kaliningrad Oblast implement a project to protect the unique natural monument of geology the mobile dunes of the Curonian Spit; and for setting up recreation zones near the small rivers of the Oblast. In addition, the project aimed at the protection of the small rivers of Kaliningrad Oblast was implemented. It includes the construction of facilities near the rivers to set up recreation areas. Within the framework of the project a number of scientific and educational conferences were held. They were dedicated to environmental protection. Some other events include a photographic contest, contests of artists entitled I Draw the Nature of My Native Land, and an issue of informational leaflets Nature that Surrounds Us. The Volgograd Oblast saw the creation of Melovoy (cretaceous) natural park which became the venue for a pilot project aimed at implementing a GREENPEACE technology to fight climate change.

To implement projects in different regions volunteers for social and cultural projects are sought. For example, the youth of Kaliningrad and its Oblast are actively engaged in the project for preservation of Curonian Spit National Park. Public events are organized devoted to rehabilitation and cleaning of the nature reserve. For a number of years, Perm Krai has been implementing a project involving more than 300 adolescents to rehabilitate and clean the areas in the Chernushinsk District. Quite often environmental projects also help address the issues of education and social adaptation of handicapped people. Thus, for instance, for the second consecutive year the Companys grants have been helping the Association of Handicapped People called Apparel familiarize physically challenged youth with the nature of the Curonian Spit. As a result of project activities 80 adolescents were able to visit the spit. They shared their impressions with a large number of students, while five educational establishments of Kaliningrad Oblast (that have physically challenged students) established partnerships with the nature reserves administration.

Grant applicants pay great attention to the creation of favorable conditions for physically challenged people. Thus, in Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast local television made a TV series for the children with hearing disorders. In addition to that, a project was implemented for the social rehabilitation of children that suffer from severe vision impairment, which involved the use of computer-based technologies. Within the framework of another project entitled World on the Fingertips, volunteers made books and puppets for the theater that stages performances for visually impaired kids. As part of the project Learn History with Your Hands a study room with an interactive display of stylized archaeological excavations was created in Kaliningrad Oblast to work with blind and visually impaired children, a series of lessons was delivered on the history of their native land, and new workbooks were developed for their teachers.

For the past few years, the All-Russian Society of the Deaf has been using the Companys grants in the Kaliningrad and Volgograd Oblasts to implement a project for the social adaptation of hard-of-hearing people into everyday life through sports and physical training. As part of the project they were able to train and support promising handicapped athletes to ensure they can participate in various world championships and Paralympics.

Great contributions towards a higher quality of life for the disabled is being made by the Perm project entitled Life of Equal Opportunities. It aims to create a free environment for handicapped people. Grant funds were utilized to manufacture special ramps, handrails and railings that are a great help for handicapped people.

A social project named Astrakhan Organ Revival was implemented in 2012 in the Astrakhan Oblast; charitable concerts for vulnerable social groups, i.e. the disabled, orphans, pensioners and low-income families, were held as part of the project

Many winning projects are dedicated to youth problems and tackle the challenges of social adaptation. At its time of great interest was the project implemented by the Parachuting Federation of Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast. The project helped foster home residents make their first parachute jump. In a number of regions youth camps are organized, including international ones, newspapers are published and press centers for the youth are created. Projects are very often focused on informational enlightenment. In the Komi Republic an informational and local history center was created in the library in the town of Pokachi, the Tyumen Oblast. There is a radio-broadcasting studio, where the young people develop their first skills of scripting radio shows and being on air.

The grant funds helped open a youth center in Perm Krai, which brought together more than 70 gifted children from Chernushinsk district. The project, entitled Pozhva, Land of Young Gifted People, helped put together a group of first- and second-grade schoolchildren to implement a program of arts education

As for the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, grants are allocated to the Praktika Center to arrange an educational program and creative contests for foster children, as part of the Living Word journalistic festival. Each Contest winner receives a free certificate for a course in television journalism at the Praktika Center.

The drawing contest I love Naryan-Mar, sponsored by grant funds, was held in 2012 in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. It engaged children from low income, multi-child, disadvantaged families in a collaborative creative process. The contest helped promote childrens socialization skills and self-esteem, as well as discover talented children who need support to develop their creative potential. Four hundred children from the local schools participated in the contest, 23 of them became winners, and their works served as a basis for the design of the LUKOIL 2013 wall and desk calendars.

The grant also funded a project in the Kaliningrad Oblast in 2012, which resulted in the construction of an educational playground and an open-air movie theater for children at the Insterburg Castle historical monument of federal significance. The playground development helped improve the greater part of the castle area. At least 30 volunteers from public non-profit organizations and Chernyakhovsk residents were involved in the playground construction.

Great attention is also paid to the legal education of pupils and students: the prevention of violations by adolescents, and better awareness of the road traffic culture. The project Green Light Road has been implemented in the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, funded by LUKOILs grants over the past few years. The project is aimed at creating public awareness for road safety, encouraging vehicle owners and pedestrians to behave responsibly while on the road, and at reducing the number of traffic accidents. As part of the project, several TV series were recorded about the rights and responsibilities of senior-grade schoolchildren, and colorful comics for kids and teenagers were distributed. During school holidays, volunteers gave out bands with the inscription I am a polite driver at LUKOILs filling stations. An animated series titled Little Traffic Lights Academy, dedicated to the traffic rules, was shot for kids. The Nizhny Novgorod Puppet Theater staged a performance called "Life Is Impossible without Traffic Rules, and more than 30,000 coloring books titled Little Traffic Lights ABC-book were published. In addition, Nizhny Novgorod schools and kindergartens are provided with a CD of the animated series Little Traffic Lights Academy to be used as a teaching aid for elementary and kindergarten teachers.

The contest encourages the development of civil initiatives and involvement of citizens in the decision-making process. For example, before 2002 there were very few public organizations in Perm Krai, and now there are about 500. Thanks to the grants, thousands of jobs have been created in the regions, and new large-scale projects have been initiated. The projects acquire the status of independent regional and inter-regional ones. Graphic examples of those are the festival of historical towns of Kama nations, the Savior of the Honey Feast Kama festival of honey and the interregional festivals Selenitic Box and Yelovskaya Rybka.


Projects are being implemented to promote sports among the youth and children. Infrastructure for new ski runs was constructed in West Siberia, while in towns and villages of Perm Krai we can now see more than 30 new sports facilities: open playgrounds, mini-complexes and family sports clubs for children and their parents. The Museum of the World Ocean in the Kaliningrad Oblast, supported by the youth water-sports school of the Olympic reserve, is a promoter of childrens yachting.

Over the past years the Social and Cultural Projects Contest became unique ground for the development of social initiatives. According to independent experts, the Contest allows the organizers to efficiently distribute the allocated funds. In addition, it also brings in some motivation by encouraging bottom-up initiatives from the direct funds recipients.  This facility allows the people involved in projects to develop and set goals for themselves, to systematically move towards the achievement of their goals with OAO LUKOILs informational and financial assistance



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