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Buy-Back Programme

In August 30, 2018 PJSC "LUKOIL" announced the start of an open market repurchase of the Company's shares and the corresponding depositary receipts for an aggregate amount of up to USD 3 billion (hereinafter the "Buy-back Programme" or the "Programme").

The duration of the Programme is from September 3, 2018 to December 30, 2022. Purchases pursuant to the Programme will be made by LUKOIL Securities Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, on the regulated trading venues in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Purchases will be executed by qualified international brokers.

The breakdown of the purchases is contained in the schedule below.

YearMonthTotal numberVolume weighted average price, USDVolume, mln USD
2018September  1,480,81670.27104.1
March 6,013,96487.43525.8
May01.05.19 - 03.05.19635,70785.0054.0
06.05.19 - 10.05.19931,89382.2476.6
13.05.19 - 17.05.19902,62280.1072.3
33,260,709 2,681.1

Transaction in own shares.

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