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Sustainability Report

The first LUKOIL 2003—2004 Sustainability Report was published in 2005.

International documents, including AA 1000 (1999) Standard and the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines within the framework of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Global Compact and the Social Charter of Russian Business are used for the report compilation.

The Company’s reports have been included into the GRI database and the National Register of Corporate Non-financial Reports managed by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

  • The entire document
  • The entire document
  • The entire document
  • Table of Contents (p. 2-4)
  • Welcoming Address by the President of LUKOIL (p. 4-6)
  • About the Company (p. 6-28)
  • Energy and Society (p. 28-50)
  • HSE Management System (p. 50-70)
  • High-Quality Products and Services (p. 70-80)
  • Social Policy (p. 80-96)
  • Company and Society (p. 96-114)
  • Sustainable Development of Russian Regions (p. 114-158)
  • Report and Reporting Process (p. 158-160)
  • GRI, Global Compact and Social Charter compliance table (p. 160-170)